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Living in middle of Arkansas and having no tutor of Quran, my friend told me about faizanulquran.Com. I was eager to start but I was having no knowledge about computer .we bought a computer with broadband internet connection.

Aqsa Jameel

my 3 daughters have finished Quran. My daughters took classes 6 days a week. When my daughters recite Quran wearing there headphones it really gives me a great relaxation! I will highly recommend you all to try once. Sister Aqsa. Arkansas, USA

Muhammad Qasim

faizanulquran.Com is an amazing program. My two kids are studying since one year. We sometimes go on long vacations to another country but due to online studies my children never miss their class.  USA

Asif Jafery

My kids are making excellent progress in reciting Quran with Tajweed. Being a computer professional, I was glad to see that they have number of computer engineers to help anyone requiring assistance with the computer issues. AsifJafery Virginia


My son Mehdi Walji who is just 4 years is having his classes from faizanulquran.Com. First we thought it will not work but now we are 100% satisfied with his fast progress as he is about to finish his Qaida. I am very thankful to  Asif Walji Texas, USA