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In 2005, living in the United States, a Muslim family lived too far from the mosque to take their kids for weekly Quran tutoring. Picking and dropping round trip would be a nearly two hour journey. The parents decided something should be done about this problem, as it was shared by Muslim parents around the world. With their professional experience in technology, they were able to establish the first online Quran academy: Quranreading.com. For the first time, Quran tutoring to be done live and online from the comfort of their own home, making the process of keeping your family invested in Islam easy & flexible. Since 2005, Quran Reading has taught over 100,000 live sessions, and spread Islamic education to over 30 million through their mobile applications.

The experience tutors at QuranReading.com share the vision of their CEO in believing that the prestigious duty of offering Quran education should be performed with the utmost dedication and commitment. The experienced faculty and the original vision behind Quranreading.com has made it the first choice for parents wanting to teach their children about Islam & the Quran.


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