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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: https://faizanulquran.com

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy assembles, ensures, and maintains clientele information who have subscribed to our services. This information is collected through our site QuranReading.com, property of Knowledge Extend, which is keen to provide quality services in Quran tutoring.

This apt information will help you to build your trust on our services, which we provide at Quran Reading. Probe the mentioned details regarding privacy policy to remove your ambiguity that how our online organization of QuranReading.com uses your private information.


1. Information Provided by the users:

For the direct consultation in order to get the best of our services, we collect your personal information. In case you encounter any of a glitch whilst subscribing our online services, then you can Contact Us and we are just an email away! Prerequisites for submitting problems include:

  • Name
  • Email identification
  • Phone Number

Nota bene:

We do not make your private information public and can only be used in case of communication to get back to you for your issues, so lay your trust entirely upon, and enjoy the divine teachings at Quran Reading for sacred recitation and contemplation.


2. Technical tracking of your information:

  • Gadget information:
    Device information includes browser information, computer information, and related devices that you use to access Quran Reading. This technical tracking though never reveals the identity of an individual visitor.
  • Analytical processing:
    Analytical processing is aided by third parties to track user pattern on Quran Reading site for generation of analysis, reports, and information without exposing the identity and privacy of individual visitors on our site.


3. How we deal with user information?

  • To ensure that our subscribers get the best of our services we use user information as a feedback to enhance and do imperative changes in our services, which we provide to create standards in competing era.
  • Personalizing user experience by rectifying the issues and suggestions that our valuable service-users provide via contact us.


4. Juvenile information:

We do not collect information from the children under 13 years old.


5. Advertising via Google support:

Google serves as a vendor in sensing advertisements and displaying it on QuranReading.com. Google uses it for target marketing while using cookies, which can be opt out by using AdSettings to disable it. Alternatively, you can use AboutAds.info to opt out of a third party vendor’s use of cookies.

QuranReading.com privacy policy does not cover cookie usage by any advertisers. DoubleClick option is used by Google to store and track user’s information which is part of Google privacy mechanism and is not own by QuranReading.com.

Apart from this, other third party Ad services can also use tracking mechanism for advertisement and store user information for user targeted phenomenon on which QuranReading.com has no control and access.

“We ensure your privacy at utmost level but no access to the third parties cookie control mechanism”


6. Still Ambiguous? Contact Us:

If you are still dubious over privacy policy and technicalities, you can contact us. We will make sure to entertain your queries regardless of its nature. Drop in an email at info@faizanulquran.com and feel free to ask, as we are here to graciously help you!