Fee and Schedule

Choose your best suited per week plan below and then go for the free trial lesson for that. You can choose any of the following plans.

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We have developed a progressive fee schedule for our members:

  • We will provide 3 free trials individual lessons.
  • You can also get individual lessons at lowest possible cost as low
  • 10% Discount for the second student.
  • The below mentioned cost is exclusive of 3 free trial classes and implement on monthly basis after the satisfaction of trial period.

United States Dollars

Schedule /WeekClasses per MonthEach Class DurationFee USD
2 Classes /Week08 /Month30 Minutes$37 /Month
3 Classes /Week12 /Month30 Minutes$50 /Month
4 Classes /Week16 /Month30 Minutes$66 /Month
5 Classes /Week20 /Month30 Minutes$82 /Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 /Month60 Minutes$160 /Month

2. United Kingdom Pounds

Schedule /WeekClasses per MonthEach Class DurationFee GBP
2 Classes /Week08 /Month30 Minutes£25 /Month
3 Classes /Week12 /Month30 Minutes£38 /Month
4 Classes /Week16 /Month30 Minutes£46 /Month
5 Classes /Week20 /Month30 Minutes£55 /Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 /Month60 Minutes£100 /Month

3. Australian Dollars

Schedule /WeekClasses per MonthEach Class DurationFee AUD
2 Classes /Week08 /Month30 Minutes$40 /Month
3 Classes /Week12 /Month30 Minutes$60 /Month
4 Classes /Week16 /Month30 Minutes$80 /Month
5 Classes /Week20 /Month30 Minutes$100 /Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 /Month60 Minutes$170 /Month