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This course is to educate and enhance the Quran studying abilities of learners.With this course learners are able to identify Persia alphabets and then know how they are signed up with to give a proper sound. After the finalization of this course, learners create the expertise of studying Quran on their own with little guidance.This course is particularly
beneficial for children trying to learn the Qur’an for the first time.
Adults can also take this course starting from their home. The
course begins with the standard Persia characters and progressively advances to
enhance the studying abilities of learners.


The main purpose of this course is to help learners repeat Quran in the way it is to be recited. The knowledgeable instructors educate learners regarding the guidelines that need to be followed in order to repeat the language and passages properly. After finishing this course efficiently, an individual is able to repeat Quran like an professional.

3 Quran Translation Course:

This course is especially developed for learners who need to know to convert Quran so that they are able to comprehend the significance of passages of Quran. This course plans to lay the primary base of knowing Persia and its definitions. Once the student has evolved an awareness of Persia, then the definitions are considered in light of the perspective in which the passages were exposed.Student will be directed by a certified pupil who are experienced in educating the Quran

4 Quran Memorization Course:

This course is for learners who are enthusiastic about becoming Hafiz of Quran.This course plans to help the learners remember Sacred Quran. Students who wish to remember an important part or all the Quran, the knowledgeable and expert Huffaz help develop a strategy to make it simpler for learners to obtain their Quran recall skills purpose.


This course is specially engineered for those learners who want to increase their islamic knowledge.Our learners educate these islamic topics detailed with their very best effort and soul.

6 Urdu and Arabic Language Course:

This course is especially engineered for those learners who want to learn about urdu and persia terminology.our instructors educate basic sentence structure of urdu and persia by which trainees allow to make the terms and phrases.After completing this course trainees can talk in persia and urdu easily.

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